Thursday, February 08, 2007

FastStone Capture

Link: FastStone Screen Capture.

Well friends, we've kind of reached that point - that point where we've pretty much posted everything that we feel is essential installation to run your machine like a geek! Now we are listing a few toys that we like.

I work in a technical environment, and I need to send people "screenshots" every day to converse about various pieces of software or reports. The oldschool way was to press PRINTSCREEN which puts a screencap onto the clipboard, open paint, say SAVE, and send that to whoever I want. If I wanted to send just a small piece of the screen, it was a hassle to clip it down.

FastStone is a free and flexible way to do a lot more. You get a small toolbar at the top of your screen that looks like this:

And lets you grab entire screen, 1 app only, draw a box around key area (very useful) and draw a random shape. Then you can set it up for clipboard, filesave, or auto file save. Beauty!