Tuesday, August 29, 2006

VLC Media Player

Link: VLC Media Player

By now you might have noticed that we have a fondness for small, elegant, free programs that don't bloat themselves with unneeded and unwanted features. If it does it's job quickly, simply and with a minimum of messing around we like it.

And that's why I like VLC Player. It may not have the polished interface of some of the other media players out there (although there are a whole host of plugins and skins available for those who are so inclined) But it does it's job and it does it well. I have yet to throw a video or audio file at it that it wouldn't play, even .iso images and raw DVD .vobs it plays without complaint. It has a few small quirks and problems. But overall it's a wonderful little application.

Kev Says: I really enjoy the VLC player - but it's probably not for everyone! If you've never had a complaint with Window's Default Media Player, than there's probably no need to change to this. But if you download videos or have gotten hold of videos that couldn't play - or you've ever had to fuss with codecs - or you need to play a DVD on your PC and don't want to pay/pirate an application to do it - then i reccomend checking this out.


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